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Post by Admin on Sun May 12, 2013 12:35 pm

Welcome to the NeverMind Gaming minecraft server!

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NeverMind Gaming is a Hardcore Faction PvP server, open 0-24/7 with 24 player slots, for now.
Server is cracked, and we don't have whitelist, everyone is welcome.

Version: 1.5.2
Difficulty: Hard
HD Dynmap:
Administrator: pravibosanacHR
Moderators: Indigo, redbaxter, Secret_wizard


Economy is based solely on market. Money is earned with selling at adminShop & playerShop, both shops are in spawn mountain.
In adminShop players can sell specific goods at fixed price, one way of earning [$] for creating or expanding their own faction, or to start a shop of their own, or to buy hookers and drugs;
In playerShop, every player can buy goods from other players that own shop, and owners of shops can sell any item they put on market to everyone; every player is entitled to one shop, which will be given to him when he requests for it.
The difference between NeverMindGaming server and other PvPFaction servers is the price of goods, which is lower than usual. That combined with market as the only source of income, makes this server more challenging, and makes every $ much more relevant.

Every player can create a faction when his balance is at least 300$ (command to check yours: /balance).
The price of first claim is 200$, and every next claim costs +200$ on the price of last claim.
Claim must be connected to previous. However, player can claim land that is not connected.
In that case, claim price is much more expensive, 1000$ to be exact.

PvP is enabled. Players can attack each other everywhere on the map without being punished. Only place where PvP is disabled is Safezone at spawn. There is a PvP arena for those who want straight 1v1, 2v2, or versatile fights.
To allow a fair start for the newcomers, players that have a faction can't harm players that don't have a faction, and vice versa.
A killer is not obligated to return items to its owner after he killed him.
Death = 2 power loss.
Max power = 3.
Min power = -5.
1 power is restored every 30 minuter of playing.

Mob grinder:

Mob spawner exploit is forbidden.
Player is not allowed to make any adjustments on spawner surroundings, making a mob grinder for xp farming, the price to pay if you are caught is 5000$ for player or player's faction.
Every exploit that administrator or moderator comes across will be immediately destroyed.


Grief is allowed.
Treat the nature, world with respect.
Every random griefing at random places, solely to destroy nature's appearance, especially spawn surroundings, is forbidden, and is punishable by jail or in worst case scenarios ban


It is forbidden to insult other players. This is punishable by jail and the player is muted for certain time. That goes for spamming in chat also.
Swearing is allowed, as long as it is not insulting anybody.
Using a CAPS LOCK is allowed, but only up to certain limit. Overusing the caps lock is punishable by muting.
If rules are broke, and there is no administrator or moderator on server, take a picture f2 and post it on forum, or send personal message to administrator. Administrator will not give information of sender to anybody.
If you want to publish something, use a subforum "NMG minecraft community".


Hacks are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN! Any usage of mods that change the gameplay of a server is forbidden.
This is punishable by permanent ban.
Allowed mods are: Rei's Minimap, Optifine, Shaders, Inventory tweaks, and texture packs of your choice.


After one day of inactivity on server, player loses a quarter of his power (0.25), in four days he loses one power.
After 2 weeks of inactivity, player is automaticly kicked from his faction.


If you want to activate your nether portal, please contact the admin or moderator on the server, or if there isn't any on the server, contact the admin via pm on forum.
Only one nether portal is allowed per faction.
Nether claiming is not allowed. This is punishable by money, 5000$ per claim, and the claim will be removed.


Teleport is unavailable throughout entire server, except /f home, which on every usage costs small amount of money.
In case there is a faction enemy within 45 blocks of a player, that command is also unavailable until a player retreats himself 45 blocks from an enemy.

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